Snow and glacier-fed river basins

glacmeltSPHY is being used in river basins or catchments with significant contribution of glacier- and snow melt to the total flow. SPHY has been used in several climate change impact studies for large Asian river basins. In these studies SPHY is used to quantify the spatial differences in the contributions of glacier melt and snow melt to the total flow, how flow regimes change in the future, and how this affects water availability for energy production, crop production, and domestic and industrial sectors. SPHY has also been successfully coupled to other hydrological models, such as the Water Evaluation and Planning tool (WEAP), the Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and MIKE Basin. SPHY was also used to do hydropower potential studies in high mountain Asia and as an operational tool for reservoir inflow forecasts in snow- and glacier fed catchments in Chile.


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