In order to learn to work with the SPHY model FutureWater has developed several tutorial case-studies. At the moment three case studies are available:

  • Himalayan snow- and glacier fed Trisuli river basin, Nepal
  • Pungwe river basin, Mozambique
  • Transboundary Red River sub-basin (Tuyen Quang sub-basin), Vietnam and China

Please note that each of these case-studies may require different versions of the SPHY model source code, and may or may not use the SPHY model GUIs. The compatibility and required software and data for each case study are specified in the manual.





  • Dataset for Trisuli case study (3 GB ZIP-file)
  • Dataset for Pungwe case study (3 GB ZIP-file)
  • Dataset for Tuyen Quang case study (1 GB ZIP-file)
  • Dataset for Advanced Training (18 GB ZIP-file)

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